balanced nutrition

Every person, ranging from newborns to those who are elderly have different nutritional needs. Men and women had different needs. Even among female adolescents, adults, pregnant and lactating women were also different. So, what is the basis for the selection of the nutrients that we consume?

The key to meeting the needs of good nutrition is balance, and suitability to the individual needs of our intake. Our bodies need a balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The third component is the basic component of nutrition.

In addition to those three things, our bodies also require the intake of vitamins, minerals and various other components. This intake can not of course be obtained only from a single source. Therefore, variations in the food we eat plays an important role. Do not ask what the best foods for health, because there is no one type of food too (in the singular) that is able to meet our nutritional needs is good and balanced.

In addition to quality, we also should not forget the issue of quantity. Foods that have good nutritional content but taken to excess every day could bring bad result. Or conversely, high-quality food is only consumed in very small amounts (inadequate), better results can be expected.

Therefore, let us keep the balance of nutrition both in quality and quantity so that our health could be maintained.