The rainy season arrives. The fluctuating weather changes from hot temperature initially and then in a moment overcast and rainy and cold temperatures to be sometimes leads to various diseases. Typically, a disease affecting people in the transition season it was a sore throat. Where the itchy and sore throat.

Sore throats are often accompanied by coughing. To overcome this, drinking herbal tea, cough medicine, and eating the right food can cure a sore throat. But there are a number of foods and beverages that should be avoided. What is it? The following explanation reported by Boldsky:

1. Spicy food
People often think, spicy foods can treat coughs and colds. But spicy foods on the list of foods that can exacerbate a sore throat. Spicy foods just make a sore throat worse. Chillies, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg, and herbs could endanger other sore throat.

2. Acidic foods
For example, tamarind, pickles, and orange. Acidic foods only makes the throat become itchy and painful. Avoid citrus fruits, lemon juice, tamarind, and street food that can make a sore throat. Even the food with vinegar is also bad for the throat.

3. Dairy products
Many people are advised to drink a glass of hot milk to cure a sore throat. However, dairy products could be dangerous for a sore throat. If we’re sore throat, avoid foods made from milk.

4. Dry food
If we are sore throat, do not eat dry food. This not only makes it difficult to swallow dry food, but also can be painful. Avoid raw fruits, cereals, nuts, and crackers. Soak or cook food so that they are easy to swallow and painless.

5. Caffeine
A cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate can help, but only temporarily. Shortly thereafter, the throat becomes itchy and painful. So, avoid drinks made with caffeine to cure a sore throat. Instead of sipping a cup of hot coffee, choose herbal ginger tea. You just drink warm water to avoid pain and itching throat.

6. Alcohol
Rum or brandy or any beverage containing alcohol can make you feel warm in the winter, but bad for the throat. Avoid alcohol if you want to recover from a cold sore throat.