Apple MacBook Pro Develops New Generation

Apple seemed to not know the word quit. After filling various websites with news about the development of several products in the production line tablet PCs and smartphones. Today, Apple started to turn and decided to concentrate on developing its notebook products.

A news release by the Time mentioned that Apple is ready to market its newest product in the not too distant. Not the iPhone or the iPad, but the new MacBook Pro has been equipped by the latest developments and innovations. To date, the developers claim that the new MacBook Pro will appear thinner than previous products.

Regarding the matter of size, a reliable source told that Apple is really ready to Merlis MacBook Pro. Furthermore, sources said that Apple did not make too many changes to the MacBook. In terms of design, the source only mentions that the MacBook Pro will have an ultra-thin design. In addition, Apple also will complement the newest gadget with a built-in DVD drive.

However, the design agency stated it will not take the design of the form of the MacBook Air. Apple also will continue to stimulate the users to buy and download programs that they sell in the Mac App Store, although the MacBook Pro will still be completed by the DVD drive.

The news also mentioned that Apple will give “Retina” MacBook Pro to the newest. “Retina” itself is a term that Apple uses to describe the size of the pixels contained in the display products. Unfortunately, the source did not specify the size of the resolution and the pixel size of the MacBook Pro display.

Apple itself has made the “Retina” as selling points for the third-generation iPad which was launched earlier this year. Now, with the existence of “Retina” in the MacBook Pro, it believed Apple would make the graphic designer was very interested. The existence of “Retina” here also automatically adds hardware high-end type. However, it is predicted that the “Retina” in the latest MacBook will have a lower pixel size than the iPad.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors also likely to be a “safe” for the latest MacBook Pro. Also predicted that Apple will equip it with USB 3.0, which can increase the speed of transferring data up to 10 times that of USB 2.0.

At a site called Geekbench, Apple mentioned will bring quad-core processor with 2.7GHz speed on it and equipped by 8GB of RAM size. However, said that this fact could be simply a lie. In the meantime, until now there is no news that can confirm the graphics card that will accompany the new MacBook Pro. However, it is likely that Apple will use the NVidia GeForce GT 650m.