7 Essential Accessories For Your DSLR Camera

pOkay, so you now have a new SLR camera, carrying SLR everywhere you go and photograph a variety of objects, from the face of the people around until meatballs subscription. Along with the increased flight hours, sooner or later you will start thinking to add photographic accessories to complement your DSLR camera and lenses.
To balance the contents of your wallet, it is necessary for you to make spending priorities accessories. So, actually, what the hell photographic accessories are the most useful (and most popular) for DSLR owners? I chose the following seven accessories for you:
Camera Bags
A wide variety of camera bags on the market, just select the appropriate taste: from the backpack, belt, sling-slide (sideways) to a similar suitcase. Its obvious camera bag to work here so that we can keep the camera and lens that we have for traveling safely. Do not fall, safe from impact and safe from water.
Cleaning Kit
To maintain the condition of the exterior and the camera lens to keep it clean, you need a lap microfibres and special cleaning fluid. Especially for the lens, as much as possible to protect your lens with a UV filter (see filter below), usually to just use a lens blower. Cleaning kit can be purchased at camera stores.
I do not recommend that you clean the interior of the camera (especially sensor), leave it to the experts: the camera store usually provide cleaning sensor. After all, most SLR now has a self-cleaning facilities are powerful enough to sweep the dust from the sensor. Read also how to detect the presence or absence of dirt on your camera sensor.
Tripod, monopod, gorillapod, whatever its function is to help you take sharp photos while taking a long exposure shutter. Compared to other types, the tripod is still the most popular, because it is relatively more reliable and resilient. Read 12 reasons why you should buy a tripod.
Make sure you buy a tripod with sufficient load bearing ability, his legs quite easily be extended (and shortened), has a mounting mechanism and release a nice camera and has a flexible head movement (I recommend the type of ball head).
External Flash
External flash will drastically improve the quality of your photos than when you use the default flash attached to the camera SLR. Has a far greater power, the ability to control a much more flexible, and we can set up the lighting that falls to objects more easily.

With an external flash you will be able to produce a much softer lighting, flat and bright than when using the default flash.
A filter is a pretty essential accessories for SLR system. Of various types of filters, there are 3 types appropriate to consider for purchase:
Filter Protection (UV Filter or Neutral) – in fact function is to protect your lens, these filters are relatively inexpensive so that you will be ‘sincere’ make it as bumper mounted front lens. Let that come into contact with the air filter dirty-hands splashing water, and not a lens that costs can be many times more expensive.
Polarization filters or CPL – changing sky that look more ‘in’, eliminating reflections in the water (or glass), so that the trees looked greener. Simply put it is like sunglasses for your lens. Read about the functions and how to use CPL filter here.
ND Filter (Neutral density) and Grad-ND – reducing the amount of light entering your camera. If you want to produce a waterfall that looks like cotton (long shutter) while it was still too late, then you will need a ND filter so that the light can be reduced (read more about the ND filter here). While the gradation ND filter (Grad-ND) ND serves as a level that is darkening shades (the top and darker as you go down the light). Grad-ND is very useful when you are photographing a landscape involving the sky, because the light of a very striking difference between the sky and ground.
Shutter Release
Besides tripod, extra accessories that will enhance the sharpness of the images you are a shutter release. With the shutter release, we do not have to press the shutter button on the camera, just use the shutter release so that you can activate the shutter from a distance. Yes, the function is similar to your TV remote control. Shutter release is available in 2 options: wired and wireless.
Verikal Grip (VG)
If you start more intensive shooting while the camera you do not have a vertical grip features from nature, purchase additional vertical grip. Besides great help when shooting in portrait orientation (vertical), VG also serves as a battery backup, so no need to worry about running out of battery while engrossed slingshot.